Donnie’s drug use, confirmed

I don’t know how I missed this video, which came out three days ago, but here is David Pakman, with a “secret” that’s literally been under our noses (and Donnie’s) all this time:

Yeah, that open drawer behind him in the tacky taco-bowl Cinco de Mayo photo is a dead giveaway. And it’s been on the internet all this time, and nobody’s remarked on it until now? Holy cow.

I know from experience that Sudafed is dangerous stuff. It is, indeed, very much an “upper”, and that’s why I quit taking it (for its intended usage, legit sinus problems) many years ago. It had an effect that was first agreeable, and then scary: It numbed me out, but kept me alert, held my chronic sinus infection temporarily at bay, and enabled me to function — as I thought, “normally”. It wasn’t normal, though, for me to be physically present and mentally distant, as I was on the medication. True, my clogged sinuses did dry up a bit while I was on Sudafed, but so did my self-awareness. I was more energetic than usual, but with an oddly hyper feeling to it, like I’d been playing computer games for too many hours (and I did that while I was on it, too — solitaire mahjongg, an addictive game if ever there was one).

One day, as I was lying down trying to take a siesta, I couldn’t sleep. My heart was booming so loudly in my ears that it drowned out my thoughts, and so hard that the cot was shaking under me. It scared me shitless. So did press reports that ephedrine and pseudoephedrine carried high risks of heart disease as side effects.

That’s when I quit the Sudafed and started looking for sinus-clearing alternatives, ones that didn’t involve me inadvertantly drugging myself insensible. I’ve been rinsing out my sinuses with saltwater in a neti pot ever since, and it does the job — cheaply and without the danger of addiction. I haven’t taken ephedrine or pseudoephedrine in over a decade, and I make a point of avoiding anything that contains them because I know I don’t want to go back to being that numbed-out, semi-hyper zombie again.

Does Donnie have a sinus problem, though? I doubt it. His sniffling during the 2016 debate seems…suspicious. He doesn’t say “sorry, I have a cold”, or break out a tissue and blow his nose. He just keeps making that odd nasal-vacuum sound, smacking his chops, and expecting the audience to be as oblivious to it as he is. Who does that sort of thing besides a cokehead?

And now it transpires that he keeps amphetamines by the drawerful at hand. Who does that but a hardcore pillhead? Even when I was most dependent on Sudafed for my gunjy sinuses, I only kept a box or two on hand at a time, and never within easy reach; it was always stored in the medicine cabinet. And I never took them more often or in higher doses than the package directions said. I got the frights while on a normal, legal dose of Sudafed, and that was enough to scare me into quitting it for good.

But there, right in the photo, is that open drawer full of way more Sudafed than a normal user would take, all stockpiled close at hand. It’s not even the variety sold in the US; it’s the UK version. That makes me wonder if he’s having it shipped in from overseas to get around US laws against buying too much of it all in one place (it’s used in the production of crystal meth, among other things). And there are all the reports of Donnie snorting Adderall on the set of his dumb show, and even “cocaine, hand-delivered by bikers” at parties. There are also the slurred speech, the obvious irrationality, the mood swings, the lethargy, the Twitter tirades, the megalomania, the ongoing litany of erratic behavior and scandals that never seems to end and only seems to get worse with every passing day.

Sure smells like drug abuse to me.

PS: More from David P:

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