Compare and Contrast: Evo vs. Angela

“Evo runs for a 4th term: hyperpresidentialism, authoritarianism, populism. Merkel runs for a 4th term: experience, capability, rustproof statecraft. Do you see how they manipulate [you]?”

I guess, for the lovely crapagandarati of the mainstream media, running for a fourth term is somehow different — i.e., acceptable — if you’re white and European. And also a conservative who stops comfortably short of Nazism. You don’t even have to be especially popular, and there can be all kinds of popular dissent and discontent with your rule, but you still get a pass from the media.

But if you’re brown, indigenous, and Latin American, and a strongly progressive leftist to boot, you’re for the chop, and a coup will be ginned up against you at all costs. Even if you’re insanely popular, 100% democratically elected, and all for good cause.

BTW: We don’t have term limits here in my home and native land, and neither do my German cousins in my ancestral country. They’re largely a US thing, or a US-imposed thing in Latin America. And as one can see, they’re also a great way of ensuring that no real progress ever gets made, particularly where capitalist interests grossly supersede local governance. It’s no secret that the US didn’t even have them until FDR committed tyranny by good example.

Just, y’know, FYI.

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