Just your daily reminder of who it’s okay to punch, and why

Also with all the trigger warnings for the language you’re about to hear:

And yes, that’s uncensored.

I don’t believe in bleeping or blanking the bad words; I believe in quoting them all verbatim. The language is raw and ugly, and that’s the point. That is why it’s important to hear it, because that is the real Spencer right there. That’s why he got punched, people.

Some of us have known all along what he was, and that’s why we were neither surprised nor sorry when an unknown hero’s fist made contact with Dickie’s fashy haircut, knocking his mask momentarily askew (and, incidentally, dissuading him from trolling the massive Women’s March which was scheduled for the following day). The carefully cultivated “dapper white nationalist intellectual” image falls apart when we hear him howling all the slurs, his voice cracking with hate and rage. Just like it did when he got bopped by that skinny dude with the neat right hook. And that’s a GOOD thing.

This is the real face behind the “intellectual” mask. This is the image we should all have of him in our minds. And it’s the one we should never forget.

That’s also the image the media SHOULD have of him, but doesn’t. They’ve decided to fawn over him because he wears a suit and a tie, and also to go the “aw, let’s humanize those poor oppressed Nazis” route, with disastrous results. Far from defusing the Nazi problem by giving it a sympathetic ear, they’ve made it worse by doing the fascists’ propaganda work for them. It’s clear that they’ve learned nothing from history.

So, now it’s time for the reality check. That’s not just poor widdle Dickie flying off the handle at Charlottesville because, oh shit, one of his goons deliberately killed a local woman trying to defend her hometown from that fascist horde; that’s a small sample of what the Nazis have been careful to hide from the “normies”, because it would destroy their massive recruitment drive. If deplatforming Dickie and others like him hurts their ability to organize, exposing their true ugliness is the movement’s Kryptonite. It may well be the thing that keeps them from “fashing the nation”, as is their actual intent.

So, ironically, by hearing the parts they usually keep to themselves, all you uninitiated “normies” out there will finally learn why this bunch of fascists who call themselves the “alt-right” is not cool, why they don’t deserve a platform anywhere, why some ideas should never make it to the “free marketplace”, why Freeze Peach absolutism is absolute bullshit, and why absolute shit stinks absolutely. This is nothing new, nothing original, and certainly nothing worth taking seriously as an intellectual argument on any level. This is what Karl Popper has been on about since the OG Nazis trampled Germany. This is what I’ve been denouncing since before I even started this obscure little blog. This is why all Nazis deserve all the punches they get, and not a moment’s sympathy until they quit fucking BEING Nazis.

Caveat emptor, people, because sic semper imbecilis.

Oh! And in a moment of supreme irony, the person who hung Dickie out to dry by releasing this super-secret audio was none other than Milo Fucking Yiannopoulos. You may remember him as that neofascist grifter who never met a gravy train he couldn’t ride, at least until his apologia for priests sexually abusing children got him thrown off the right-wing bullshit lecture circuit for good. Ever since his popularity (and his bank account) did a huge faceplant, he’s been desperate to find a new sugardaddy.

But the right apparently does have some limits to its collective awfulness after all. Mirabile dictu, they draw a line at pedophilia, or at least at publicly praising it, which is probably the same line as they draw at saying all the other silent stuff out loud (like, oh, say, the impolitic language you hear from Dickie up there). They’ve all been tripping over themselves in their haste to distance themselves from Milo, who used to be their “look how tolerant we are” token, their half-Jewish, gay-married-to-a-black-man pet troll. He’s gone from prankster to pariah faster than you can say “Ernst Röhm, motherfucker”. He’s had to sell all his schwag, and he’s having trouble finding buyers. Even the furries will have nothing to do with him.

So, our little troll got his petard hoisted on the horns of the biggest of the Billygoats Gruff, and has decided to burn his bridge as a fuck-you to his erstwhile allies. The audio above is the explosive hiss of all those smoking coals dropping into that ol’ man river. Don’t know what he’s planning to do for an encore (and maybe this was all the wad he had to shoot), but full credit to Milo where due, nonetheless.

And yes, my Schadenfreude is mighty freudig at all the Schaden the far right are sustaining right now. Because this is their comeuppance, and it’s long past due.

Ha, ha.

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