In which Steven Crowder is actually funny for once.

Oh sorry, make that TWICE:

The first time was, of course, when he was punched out by that union guy in Michigan. Good times! And super funny, because he wasn’t telling lame jokes then. He was the lame joke.

But this one is even funnier. Partly because Crowdy looks so dorky in his macho Evel Knievel costume. Partly because his equally goofy boxing shoes don’t match the look. And partly because you can see what an eeny-teeny widdle peenie he has, which just makes the attempt at macho posturing that much more pathetic. (He’s also popping an itty-bitty chubby-wubby in there, which is absolutely hilarious. You thought Gavin McInnes was underendowed and overcompensating? So did I, honey…so did I.)

But what’s most hilarious is that this is all another case of him being that lame joke. In his efforts to prove that Jeffrey Epstein couldn’t have broken his own hyoid bone by hanging himself in his cell (oh yes he bloody well could, and DID), Stevie really only succeeded in one thing: making an ass of himself. Or rather, a bigger one than he was already.

Big thanks to Vaush, by the way, for watching and dissecting that lame joke’s video so we didn’t have to give the stunt-dunce any more views. After all, every click is interaction, and therefore, money…even if you gave him a thumbs down.

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