Music for a Sunday: A hymn for troubled times

A little German song that my parents used to sing for us as kids. It’s more relevant than ever now:

The lyrics are as follows:

The moon has risen,
The golden stars are sparkling
Bright and clear in the sky.
The woods stand black and silent
And from the meadows rises
The white mist wondrously.

How silent is the world,
And in the twilight’s blanket,
So trusting and modest,
Like a silent room
Wherein you can sleep
And forget the day’s woes.

Do you see the moon standing there?
Only half to be seen,
And still round and beautiful.
So too are many things
That we may laugh at now,
Because our eyes can’t see them whole.

We proud children of humanity
Are vain, poor sinners
And don’t know much at all;
We spin such airy nothings,
And look for many somethings,
And only end up further from the goal.

God, let us see your goodness,
Not trust in any passing thing,
Not enjoy vanity!
Let us become simple-hearted
And before you, here on Earth,
Be good and happy as children!

Would that you, amidst horrors,
Take us out of this world
Through a gentle death,
And when you have taken us,
Let us come to heaven,
You dear, faithful, good Lord!

So lie down now, you brethren,
In God’s name!
Cold is the evening wind.
God, spare us your punishments,
And let us sleep quietly,
And our sick neighbors, too.

Translation mine.

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