Covidiots gather in Toronto parks

How dumb ARE they?

And if you think my characterization of them is harsh, stick around for the last minute or two, when an emergency-room doctor chimes in. He’s already working his ass off (as are all his colleagues), and not enjoying a day in the sun, because all these heedless halfwits are out there thinking it’s suddenly safe again to gather in crowds…when, in fact, it’s far from it. The last thing he wants to see is them in his intensive-care ward. The second-last thing he wants to see is them, doing what they’re doing right there when a killer virus is making the rounds, and at least one carrier in every three has no symptoms. Namely, exposing themselves and countless others to it when they should be taking every possible measure to avoid it.

The lockdown is still in place, and frankly, it should be much tighter than it is. People who think it just magically doesn’t apply to them, or that they’re somehow immune, may well deserve to get sick in order to learn that hard lesson…but the innocent people they’ve exposed through their own blind recklessness do not.

PS: This image was too good to pass up.

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