Not-so shocker: Drumpf and cronies are behind the COVID protests!

And what’s more, they have the nerve to brag about it:

AND Donnie thinks THESE are “very fine people”:

Yeah. Donnie is now openly supporting armed fascist thugs. AGAIN. Because remember Charlottesville? Yeah, this is that all over again…and this time, the violence is against healthcare workers.

Never mind what flags the thugs are wearing, or what motives they’re claiming. These are armed thugs, not patriots. They are threatening to shoot up the statehouse if they don’t get their way, ON BEHALF OF MONEYED INTERESTS including, but not limited to, Betsy Fucking DeVos herself.

Corporatism has joined hands with far-right gunwankery, and this is what Donnie thinks the government of Michigan has to “make deals” and “negotiate” with?

If that’s not fascist terrorism, I don’t know what is.

And NOBODY owes fascist terrorists anything, much less a fucking deal.

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