Donnie’s fascist police state: A kidnapped protester speaks out

If you think the leftist protesters are thugs and goons, lawless to their core, you should hear this. A Democratic Socialist from Spokane, Washington was kidnapped in Seattle, and here’s his positively Orwellian tale of police acting…well, worse than criminals:

And it’s not just Seattle. Portland, too, is seeing a rash of out-of-uniform, badgeless cops-as-gangsters abducting antifascist protesters off the street and shoving them into unmarked vans and carting them off to God-knows-where, on the flimsiest of pretexts, for purposes unknown. Anyplace Donnie (and his henchman, Bill Barr) decides is “lawless”, gets singled out for this kind of abuse.

Come to think of it, this isn’t so much Orwellian as Phildickian. In his VALIS novel tetralogy, particularly Radio Free Albemuth, Philip K. Dick wrote of a paranoid, corrupt, fascistic US president named Ferris F. Fremont, whose followers (the Friends of the American People, or “FAPers”) pursue a “subversive” group called “Aramchek”. Nobody knew who or what Aramchek was, not even Fremont himself. Anybody at all could be accused, at any time, under any pretext, of being Aramchek, and subject to abduction without cause — “arrested” by agents unknown.

Substitute in Donnie Drumpf for Ferris Fremont, and Antifa(scists) for Aramchek, and you pretty much get the same tale. And it’s all happening on the streets of many a so-called progressive city in the United States of Drumpf’s Amnesia, TODAY. Enabled by the right, which — let’s face it — has never met a fascist they couldn’t blindly follow, whether into Gulf War II or, as here, something that’s already Nazi Germany. All that’s missing is the swastikas. And even so, you’ll see them on a lot of the “boogaloo boys” mentioned in the video above.

And the worst part is, the country is never going to wake up to the fascism it’s walked into. Because the US of Amnesia has been fascist for so long already, it was even the inspiration for Hitler himself.

And it all makes Orwell look rather quaint, once you see it for what it really is.

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