Donnie wanted to do WHAT when he lost the election???

This is both unbelievable…and yet, TOTALLY believable:

So, there goes the dumb “But at least he’s anti-war!” canard. No, he’s NOT anti-war. He’s PRO-war, just like every other US imperialist.

Remember his failed attempt to topple Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela (and install that fucking nobody, Juan Guaidó, in his stead)? That was a clear indicator that US foreign policy was NOT going to be any better under him than under any of his imperialistic, warmongering predecessors. And his tearing up the Iran nuclear deal was proof that it was going to get a lot worse…and it did.

It’s a real feat to be an imperialist, a warmonger and an isolationist, but if anyone could do it, Donnie could. It’s nothing to be proud of; in fact, it’s a disgrace. He’s a spiteful, petulant, senile brat who can’t be trusted with a lemonade stand, never mind a nuclear launch code. But hey, at least now he can say he left some sort of legacy.


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