Inside the Capitol terror attack: Video and more unsettling revelations

Remember the other day, when Michael Moore did an emergency broadcast during the Capitol attack, and he was on the phone with his friend, Democratic congressman Dan Kildee from Michigan? And Rep. Kildee talked about what it was like to be under siege in his own workplace? Well, here’s a short video clip he took and sent to Michael during that siege:

Towards the end, you can hear various people saying “Take your pins off!” Those “pins” are the congressmembers’ identification badges. A normal workplace ID, in this case, had become a deadly liability, since the terrorists were out for blood. They had come there to capture and possibly kill congressmembers. Some of the terrorists had zip-tie handcuffs; there was a rough and rickety-looking gallows-tree out on the Capitol lawn, and I’m not convinced it was there solely as a symbol of the fascists’ discontent with federal politicians. That contraption was placed there with murderous intent. Even if it looks like it would have collapsed under the weight of an average adult, I’m sure that shoddy little scaffold was meant to be used, and that congressmembers — Democrats in particular — were its intended victims.

Even those who haven’t read the underground Nazi bestseller, The Turner Diaries, have probably at least heard of one particularly awful chapter of that novel. There is no doubt in my mind that the terrorists were planning to stage their own version of “The Day of the Rope”, and that Rep. Kildee and others like him were their intended prey. After all, these Q-fueled fools already believed that the Capitol housed a number of sexually terrorized “mole children” in its underground passages, and that the Dems were the abusers of said fictional children. What was to stop them from taking prisoners, and even extrajudicially executing them?

As it turns out, nothing…except their own fucking stupidity and incompetence.

Unlike their antifascist counterparts (and even the most complacent mainstream politicians in Washington), these Nazified knuckleheads were piss-poor organizers. They are no better at planning a paramilitary operation than they are at thinking in general, and that’s a mercy, because for once in their lives, they were perfectly situated to get away with murder. And not only that, but also treason and sedition.

And, oh yeah, also a SUPER-SPREADER EVENT.

Some people wouldn’t wish this disease on their worst enemies. But I am not some people. If you want to see democracy and your elected congressional colleagues die, you deserve no better than to go down with that ship yourself. You don’t even have to be my personal enemy; I’m going to ill-wish you for fucking over all the people you and I don’t even know. If you hate democracy, you can go fuck yourself, and you can do it with a splintery broomstick and no lube.

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