Quotable: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on being trapped in the Capitol terror attack

She doesn’t mince words. And no wonder: The terrorists were out for blood, and especially, HERS. She’s one of the youngest, non-whitest, most progressive members of the House. She’s a rising star, and everybody who has heard even a little bit about her knows how effective she is. She has already made a considerable impact during her first term of office, and she’s on her way to doing much, much more. She is an outspoken and highly articulate critic of everything that’s wrong in the US of Amnesia, and she’s determined to do whatever is in her power to fix that. Undoubtedly, that rankles the racists, who can’t bear to see anyone who’s not one of theirs succeeding, and doing it fairly and squarely in elected office, where the people put her because THEY WANT THAT CHANGE.

But racists don’t want things to change — at least, not for the better. They don’t want things fixed; they’d rather keep them broken, or even break some more things in order to rig the system to benefit them, just as she says. That’s why, just before the putsch went down, they (and we don’t yet know exactly who “they” were, but we will soon enough) tore the panic buttons out of offices used by members of “the Squad”, the most progressive faction of the Democratic caucus (and one that happens to include AOC):

And, what’s worse, some of “them” were AOC’s Republican congressional colleagues. Yeah, that’s right, the people she was supposed to be working with to introduce and pass legislation at the federal level. Including this absolute fucking lunatic right here, who somehow thinks she gets to impeach a duly elected president before he even completes his first day in office:

Something tells me that she won’t last long in office. But AOC will.

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