Who is “Q”? A weird weeaboo.

I actually did see this coming — did you?

Yup…that goofy little whoopsy grin is your mask-off moment right there. Ding!

Of course, it’s been an ill-kept secret for over a year now that Ron Watkins (and/or his father, Jim) is the “Q” of Q-Anon infamy. If you’ve been listening to QAA (as I have), you’d have surmised this already. They pretty much let that cat out of the bag when the podcasters interviewed Fredrick Brennan, who worked with the Watkinses, père et fils, to set up 8chan, the nasty little offshoot of the 4chan messageboard. And who fell out with them in 2018, and has been denouncing them and 8chan ever since. Brennan, one might say, pulled the string that unravelled the Watkinses’ entire web of deceit.

And it was Brennan, also, who confirmed another interesting tidbit: Ron the Weeb ratted out Jim the Dweeb. Yes, really.

Notice, too, when Ron Watkins resigned from 8chan? Yup, the very day of the US presidential election. The one that Donnie lost, and couldn’t accept having lost. One doesn’t need a Q clearance to understand that; basically, as “Q”, Ron and/or Jim Watkins had shot his wad by then. The big grift was over, and “Q” was bowing out. And no doubt hoping to remain anonymous.

And “he” would have gotten away with it, too, if not for all those meddling kids.

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