Debunking the antivaccine movement

Harry Brewis, alias Hbomberguy, has the whole story behind this all-too-vast movement, its debunked claims, its bogus doctors, its charlatan promoters, and its very real (and deadly) consequences. Buckle up, you’re in for a mind-blowing blast:

It’s an hour and 44 minutes well spent, but the conclusion is the most valuable part — in it, we learn that vaccine hesitancy drops when people see that those who get their shots end up doing just fine. They don’t suddenly become autistic (which doesn’t happen anyway, since autism is a developmental condition that starts in utero). They don’t drop dead. They don’t grow horns and a devil tail. Nothing happens — except that cases of communicable disease go down, and with them, death rates and long-term complications (which, in the case of COVID-19, are pretty damn horrendous.) Oh, and herd immunity increases, which even helps those who can’t — or, shamefully, refuse to — be vaccinated.

Oh, and vaccine “shedding”? Doesn’t happen. Neither does sterility. And the frogs don’t turn gay as a result, either. (Sorry, NOT sorry, Alex Fucking Jones.)

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