9-11: The Afghan connection

A French documentary on the unheeded warnings of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the Northern Alliance leader assassinated by the Taliban two days before 9-11.

You cannot understand the current situation of Afghanistan, much less its connection to the events of 20+ years ago, unless you know who Ahmed Shah Massoud was, and what he represented to the diverse peoples of Afghanistan. For he was, until his death, their best hope to defeat the Taliban, the hypocritical, fanatical, fundamentalist army of ignorami allied through marriage with Osama bin Laden. You cannot understand the abrupt fall of the so-called Afghan government this past month unless you know of him and his role in the background events of 2001, which in fact were not hidden at all, but merely obscured by the horrors of 9-11.

Above all, you cannot understand what has happened unless you examine the role of the various western military-industrial complexes and their dealings with another regional ‘stan, namely neighboring Pakistan. For it was there that the Taliban’s main backers in the region lived, and it would be there that Osama bin Laden was eventually killed by Seal Team 6 in Abbottabad. If Ahmed Shah Massoud held one end of the thread that could unravel the Taliban, the other end lies with the Pakistani government, its military…and their western suppliers who preferred to supply democracy’s enemies with weaponry, while denying it to Afghanistan’s best hope. It is them, and their crooked capitalism, that really signed Massoud’s death warrant twenty years ago.

Never forget!

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