Confederate human-hunter doesn’t want you to see how racist he is

Oh he doesn’t, does he? Well, too bad, because I’m gonna show you anyway:

Yeah, I should think that belongs in there. After all, he’s accused of lynching a black man. Hunting him down like he was jacklighting a deer in the Georgia woods, for fuck’s sake.

Don’t anyone tell me that the Confederate battle flag doesn’t have a history of racism behind it, either, because hooboy, are YOU ever wrong. Here are the articles of secession for the state of Georgia prior to the Civil War. A lot of high-flown rhetoric, to be sure. But, if you read all 3000-odd words of those articles, slavery is mentioned throughout. And there is only one kind of slavery in it, at that: the chattel ownership of African blacks.

Ahmaud Arbery was hunted down like a deer, and hit with a truck bearing that Confederate battle flag, and blasted out of his life with a shotgun, because of that proud ol’ Southern tradition of lynching. Which of course is what happened after the South lost the Civil War, and slavery was abolished. And which is still going on, in an ever-varying series of forms, today.

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