The latest right-wing COVID “cure” is the most ridiculous yet…

…quite possibly. It’s very hard to top bleach-drinking, UV lights, horse dewormer, and urine “therapy”. Unless, of course, you’re transgender-ing yourself to own the libs:

Yeah, that’s right. They’re taking spironolactone, an androgen-suppressing drug usually given to women with severe acne, high blood pressure, heart failure — or transitioning from male to female, because it hinders testosterone production. These big, tough, macho right-winger dudes are literally feminizing themselves and growing boobs. Because they don’t want to take a couple of tiny needles full of the only thing that can actually prevent a horrendous death by COVID — namely, A VACCINE.

Meanwhile, their pundits, like Tucker Carlson, are all in a tizzy about how COVID “feminizes” men:

…which might not be entirely wrong, if you reckon manhood by the functionality of a cis man’s genitalia. Because yes, COVID can cause impotence and sterility in cis males. It’s not a question of “life force”, because being alive isn’t inherently a masculine state of being, so fuck Tucker and his unscientific theories. SARS-CoV2 is a vascular virus, which is how it manages to have so many profound and far-reaching effects on the human body, and why it’s so life-threatening. It wrecks blood vessels by destroying their epithelial (i.e., lining) cells.

And since it can lurk in the testes for months after an initial infection, it can do lasting damage to both sperm and testosterone production. Which is quite ironic when you consider how many antivaxxers pride themselves on their so-called “pure blood”, and believe that semen from unvaccinated males is about to make them all filthy, stinking rich. (Spoiler alert: It won’t. Especially not if they get a severe case of COVID dick!)

But taking feminizing hormones to combat COVID?

Coming from a bunch that routinely insults liberal, progressive, or leftist men as “soy boys”, who are supposedly “feminized” by high doses of soy phytoestrogens (which, as any trans woman will tell you, don’t actually feminize anyone worth a damn) — that’s fucking rich.

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