COVID-19 study debunks ivermectin fetish once and for all

This is bad news for COVIDiots…

…but it’s great news for those of us who understand the science behind COVID studies properly. Which is to say, those who don’t trust pre-prints or anything emanating from obscure sources or conspiracy theory outlets, but from actual peer-reviewed medical journals.

But then again, I’m sure those who are really deeply dedicated to their pet bullshit (and their horse de-wormer) won’t be swayed by science, because that’s not what brought them to the parasite medication in the first place. As a commenter on YouTube joked:

So an anti-vaxxer dies of COVID, then goes to heaven.
God says, “You can ask me whatever you want, my child.”
The guy asks, “Is ivermectin effective in treating or preventing COVID?”
God says, “Of course not.”
The guy walks away and thinks, “The conspiracy goes up even higher than I thought!”

I’ll spare you all the rimshot.

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