J.K. Rowling got WHAT?

I have no idea what happened here, but apparently Pooty-Poot and his poor bewildered translator know something the rest of us don’t:

Rowling got cancelled? When? HOW? Last I heard, she was still swishing and flicking her bigotry wand, like Professor Umbridge, and yelling “Expelliarmus queers!”

And oh, the irony of two stupidly rich megalomaniacs, who are doing their far-from-level best to actually cancel more vulnerable others, whining about being cancelled when nothing bad has happened to them. Do they ever listen to themselves?

And do they even hear what they’re saying? Because I can hear it loud and clear, and the dog across the way is also going fucking nuts.

PS: Here’s the Rational National’s tidier take on the issue:

The irony of Rowling “standing with Ukraine” after all this is too rich to go unremarked, either.

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