Russian oligarchettes “protest” Russophobia in the stupidest way

Oh gee, my heart bleeds for them. Where have we seen THIS mode of “protest” before?

Yup, that’s right. These rich Karens basically chopped up their own money to spite their faces…or rather, to “own” Chanel…by no longer owning one piece by Chanel.

This particularly ineffectual protest was also brought to you by right-wingers on the other side of the pond, who smashed their coffee makers, trashed their camping coolers, and burned their sneakers to, uh, “own the libs”.

Why not just burn some rubles while you’re at it, Kareninas? Bog knows you’d never join your wiser, much poorer fellow Russians on the streets who are out there being truly brave, AND fighting Russophobia in real terms, by protesting the war started by your oligarch-in-chief…

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