Cops Behaving Badly: The Utter Chickenshits of Uvalde

Do cops have the obligation to stop a massacre and rescue the survivors? Shockingly, at least in Texas, the answer appears to be NO. Jeff Waldorf breaks it down:

So, they not only sat with one thumb up their bungholes and the other hooked around a doughnut, they LIED about it.

But wait, there’s MORE:

Yeah, you heard that right. The cops were not only cowardly, lying chickenshits, they even blamed the victims — the TEACHERS — for the crime that took their lives. And they didn’t rescue all the kids, just those few that happened to be their own.

I would shame them for this, but given the half-pint of brains split amongst all those ten-gallon hats, I don’t think any of it would penetrate. They lack the wits even to be ashamed. But I will say this: Those fucking cops just made the best possible case for their own defunding that they ever could have made.

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