Dubya’s Freudian slip

Can you believe he said this? Well, okay, I can believe it, because it’s dumb, and dumbth is fully in character for Dubya. But can you believe he played it for laughs?

And of course, he blames it on being 75. Which, in my opinion, is good for him getting a shoe thrown at his head all over again. And this time, since he’s nearly 20 years older and presumably slower than he was back in 2003, there’s a good chance that the shoe would hit.

But of course, since he’s in front of an adoring audience, none of whom are Iraqis, all he gets is complicit laughter and applause. Which is sickening.

And, as David Doel and others point out in the video, of course there’s no chance that he’ll ever get dragged before a war-crimes tribunal. Which is even MORE sickening.

But you know what nauseates me most of all? This fucking fascist hypocrite — and yes, Dubya is all of that — having the audacity to slam Pooty-Poot (which is a nickname I got from Dubya himself) for committing war crimes in Iraq — oh sorry, Ukraine. Is that any way to talk about the man whose soul you once saw and liked, Dubya? After all, you’re both fucking war criminals. And you both have yet to see justice.

Of course, I doubt that you will.

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