Fascism comes to US wrapped in a SCOTUS robe

So, uh, hi. Hello. How are you? I’m back, after a bit of a dry spell. And you’ll never guess what brought me, either.

Or maybe you will, if the title hasn’t given it away.

Yeah, it’s about THAT decision. You know the one. Fudge fudge, blink blink, say no more.

But you know me. I just HAVE to say more.

So where do we start? Well, how about with how I feel about those perjurers responsible for the decision:

I didn’t make this meme, BTW. I just pulled it off the tweeter. Seems I’m not alone in feeling that way.

So it appears that fascism HAS come to the US, or returned to it. Not so much wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross, though, as wrapped in judicial robes and carrying a dusty old law book. One full of bad decisions by ancient English witch-hunters, at that.

And if you doubt that it IS fascism, just take a look at what’s going on in South Carolina. The jackboots against pro-choice demonstrators have already come out in force.

I don’t know what’s next, but I know it’s gonna be ugly.

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