“Friend of the court” just took on a whole new (grotesque) meaning

Further to my previous entry on the SCOTUS, the plot thickens. A member of a far-right “friend of the court” group, Liberty Counsel, has been caught on a live mike saying that she and her group pray with at least some of the US Supreme Court’s judges.

Amicus curiae is supposed to be a figurative and impartial term, but this bunch of Religious Reich scumbags has decided to go literal (and VERY partial) with it. So much so, in fact, that they’re sucking up to some of the judges (I can just guess which ones) and bragging about it to random YouTubers who are, ostensibly, on side.

And while I’m tempted to ask if that’s illegal, shockingly, the answer is NO, it’s not. The SCOTUS is not bound by any code of ethics whatsoever.

But it SHOULD be.

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