The latest tool in white supremacists’ arsenal? RAPE.

This had my jaw hanging off its hinges, but as you’ll see in a moment, it’s all too real:

Here’s the story under discussion, from Vice:

A former Marine accused of being in a neo-Nazi group called “Rapekrieg” planned to attack a synagogue and had a New York police officer purchase an assault rifle for him, federal prosecutors allege.

Facing several firearms charges, former U.S. Marine Matthew Belanger is alleged to have prepared an attack on a synagogue, attempted to pass his military training on to his neo-Nazi comrades, and written a screed urging both racial and sexual violence.

* * *

Rapekrieg members who spoke to authorities said Belanger, during his time with the Marines, wrote the group’s manifesto. The court document contained several excerpts of the Rapekrieg screed. The rambly racist writing described rape as “an extremely effective tool against our many foes.” The court document states that the group endorses “the rape of white women to increase the production of white children in furtherance of Rapekrieg’s goal of creating a white ethno-state through accelerationist means.” Another section talks about the necessity of killing Jewish children and urges members to prepare themselves to do this.

Okay, before we go any further here into the actual horrors of what this group is about, just get a load of the bastardization of languages that these bastards resort to. The German word for rape isn’t rape, it’s Vergewaltigung. It means, literally, “an overcoming by force”, on the part of an assailant, of a victim. The English word comes from an old term for theft of property (which women and girls used to be in not-so-ancient times), but the German one rightly emphasizes the forcible and violent nature of the act, with a tacit implication that there is a victim whose will should not be ignored. Sticking the archaic English word for property theft in front of the German word for war — Krieg — is ironic, considering that these bozos are supposedly all about the purity of the white race. (Which, by the way, isn’t a thing, as any anthropologist, any actual European, and especially any honest German, coming from a conglomerate country composed of 16 ancient tribal lands, could tell you.)

But of course, this newest addition to the accelerationist neofascist arsenal is also an old one. In fact, it’s probably THE oldest one. Rape has been a weapon of war, and especially wars of conquest, for as long as there have been wars. How much more defeated can a losing combatant be if their women are humiliated by forced intercourse with the enemy, and in turn, forced (as an additional humiliation) to bear that enemy’s children? It’s a pretty succinct way of saying “everything you have now belongs to us” — including, of course, your uterus and all that’s in it.

And do I need to remind you all that anti-abortion sentiment was an integral part of the Nazi ideology? Hopefully not; I’ve been harping on this point for years. The Nazis, and their fascist brethren in other parts of Europe, loved forced birth, and never more than when it furthered their own expansionist plans.

So, now that we know just how horrific the schemes of this group are in and of themselves, let’s also look at the timing of this terrorist plan. Is it any coincidence that they were planning mass rape (and unwanted, forcible impregnation) right as Roe v. Wade was slated for extinction? And right as roughly a quarter of the United States of Amnesia immediately enacted anti-choice “trigger laws” which, to varying degrees, would force cis women and girls — and anyone else with a working uterus and ovaries — to remain pregnant once the deed was done, whether or not they wanted to?

No, it’s no coincidence. It’s just a very neat bit of timing for some horrors too ugly to contemplate.

But if there’s any good in this coming to light now, it’s this: People are now all the more aware of just how much anti-abortion laws serve white supremacy. And if they were asleep to it before, they now should realize just why white supremacists love those anti-choice laws. These same laws that, in effect, rescind women’s legal status as persons, and restore their old status as property, also make them into unwilling tools of the neofascist agenda: forced excess reproduction, by any means at hand, in order to build up that ideal white ethnostate which, at the moment anyway, exists only in the plotters’ minds.

And while it’s fairly cold comfort to anyone getting the chills from reading all this, it’s also worth noting that New York, the state where this horrific plot was hatched, does NOT have any anti-choice “trigger laws” coming into effect upon the demise of Roe. Abortion is still legal in New York, and it’s likely to remain so. In fact, the state could well become a haven for those with the means to travel in order to get abortions. And since abortion was legal there a full three years before Roe, the end of Roe has no effect on New York’s legal abortion status.

So don’t be too surprised if you see a new Underground Railroad with New York as one of its main termini. The far-right terrorists may have declared war on white people’s uteri, but abortion funds — and legal challenges, and states that remain staunchly pro-choice — will be the weapons to fight back with, for those who won’t be taking this ugly new twist on a hideous old practice lying down.

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