A hurricane of capitalist stupidity

Here’s David Doel with an unbelievable story…and yet it’s totally believable, considering it’s a case of Florida Woman just being Florida Woman:

Yeah, that was charming. Nothing like a little “rise and grind” to get the blood flowing, if only in sheer disgust.

I hope nobody who works for that company came in, and honestly, if they told their boss to get fucked and promptly started looking for new and better jobs, I wouldn’t blame them in the slightest. “A good end of quarter” is NOT a valid reason to ask your employees to risk their lives (and those of their children!) by showing up to work when a massive, deadly hurricane is bearing down on where you are. Everybody should be sheltering at home with the hatches battened down — or, if home is unsafe because it’s in the path of a storm surge, they should be fleeing to seek shelter elsewhere. Work is out of the question.

And no, minimizing Hurricane Ian by calling it a “nothing burger” in advance, is NOT going to make it go away or lessen the impact on those riding out that storm. This is just a massive fuck-up. A little personal responsibility from the boss class, just this once, would be a nice change.

(Special dishonorable mention to Lara Fucking Trump, too, for that “character building” bullshit she inflicted on her little guy. That poor kid looked absolutely MISERABLE. I guess it’s asking too much for Children’s Aid to go after rich unfit parents, though.)

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