Donnie’s document scandal deepens

Hey, everyone, it’s been a hot minute. Summer’s been busy and so have I, but I’m not dead yet, and neither is this blog.

So, what do you suppose Cheetolini is up to lately? The Brothers Meiselas have been following Donnie and his documents a lot of late, and here’s what Ben Meiselas has to say about it all:

Gee, why would Donnie make an unannounced stop in DC? It’s not like he’s actually president anymore, and not like he has any governing to do. But it IS as though he’s in a shit-ton of legal trouble, and today’s the day when he has to appear. So that looks to be the reason he’s there.

And why do you suppose he’s been summoned to appear, and doing so without the usual fanfare? Once again, the Meiselas boys offer up some intriguing clues — and some interesting interpretation of the facts at hand:

So, it sure looks an awful lot like Donnie was caught on video, transporting boxes of documents he had no right to keep, from Mar-a-Lago in Florida to his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. This was in May of last year.

Couple that with Ivana’s recent, rather well-timed demise (due to a blunt-force trauma, allegedly from falling down some stairs in her townhouse) and burial — oh sorry, cremation — in a casket requiring ten pallbearers for an elderly lady who was nowhere near as large as her former husband. The picture that emerges sure looks murky, does it not?

And things are likely to get even more interesting, in the most cursed sense of the word, for Donnie, and soon. Particularly if, as I suspect will eventually be the case, Ivana’s grave at the golf course gets dug up and the casket in it proves to be, like everything else about Donnie & Co., much heavier than it should.

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