Brexit fallout just keeps on fallin’ out

And it took with it the latest prime minister…or was it a head of lettuce?

Honestly, from what I hear, the head of lettuce is the brighter of the two by far.

Meanwhile, the meme harvest has been bountiful. First to speak, the head of lettuce:

Next, a guy who’s been dead since 1987:

And after that, a rather notorious temporary rental agency:

And also, a quite uncontroversial good kittyboy:

And finally, He Who Must Not At Any Price Be Named:

But the most fucked-up thing is that the actual people of Britain may not get an actual say in who governs their green and pleasant land until (checks notes) the year of our Lord 2025. Which means that Blond Maggie Thatcher’s filthy budget might well last several times longer than her actual reign.

Looks like that head of lettuce has its work cut out for it.

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