Russian anti-American propaganda is truly insane

Here in Canada, it’s practically an unofficial national sport to make fun of our neighbors to the south. But here’s the thing: We do it with facts, because we live right above that fucking crackhouse. We see everything that goes on down there, and much of it has us shaking our heads. (The parts of it that filter up here, and there are many, have us wanting to grab some heads and knock them together, too.)

But how do they see it in Russia? Well, let’s just say their lenses could use some hosing down. Roman, a Russian YouTuber, dissects some of the latest crapaganda from the Kremlin. And you really do have to see it to believe just how dumb it is:

It looks remarkably like right-wing propaganda from…you guessed it…the US of Amnesia. Everything, from vegetarianism through child-free and LGBT people to the Black Lives Matter movement, gets a remarkably bigoted treatment, one that threatens “normal” people with enforced conformity to an ideology supposedly imposed by society’s former (and still largely current) out-groups. It bears no relationship to actual reality on the ground; it is a pure product of the fever swamp of a fascist’s imagination.

In fact, it looks just like what right-wingers in the US have been accusing communists — and more specifically, RUSSIAN communists — of fomenting in their land practically ever since 1917, when the Russians overthrew their last czar and executed his entire family to prevent that scourge from returning to parasitize the land ever again. You’d think the Yanks would have approved of that, since they specifically declared independence from England in order to no longer be tyrannized by monarchs, but you’d be oh, SO wrong. Nowadays, lots of them are practically salivating at the prospect of a hereditary monarchy, and guess who they want for their king?

Yup, Pooty-poot’s biggest bootlicker, the Orange One himself. Who never misses an opportunity to slag off on socialists. And who, of course, harbors a not-at-all-secret wish to be an absolute dictator, if not a monarch, himself.

And Pooty-poot? Well, we know he’s no communist. He’s said so himself. And all the indications are that he wants to be Vladimir, Czar of All the Russias, at least if his antics concerning Ukraine are any indication. Or maybe it’s just the usual US-style imperialism, repackaged with a general flavor of desperation and stale borscht, trying to out-Yank the Yanks at their own game. Who knows?

The further apart those two countries seem, the closer together they actually are.

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