Why RT got cancelled (warning: appalling)

Konstantin of Inside Russia has the answer, in the form of some footage that will turn your stomach:

That monster, who smiles and laughs as he advocates for the murder of Ukrainian children, is Anton Krasovsky, director of Russian-language broadcasting on RT. His lame excuse? “Well, it happens. You’re on air, you get carried away, and you can’t stop.”

Well, a normal person would think something more along the lines of “Whoa, I’m on air, I better watch what I say”, but Krasovsky is clearly not a normal person. He’s been suspended for what he said about Ukrainian children, but the latest scuttlebutt is that RT’s current editor-in-chief is thinking of reinstating him. This even though she initially called his remarks “wild and disgusting”. (I don’t think we need to ask who’s actually behind THAT decision, do we?)

Ironically, a few years back, this same Krasovsky was fired for allegedly spreading “gay propaganda”. The reason? He came out on the air as gay. Looks like he’s been trying to “atone” for it, in the most appalling ways possible, ever since.

For those wondering what Konstantin says at the end of the video, a commenter on YouTube translated it from Ukrainian: “I’ll never kill you or your children. Please forgive us, Ukrainian people.”

Words for all good Russians to live by.

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