Facebook won’t fact-check Donnie, but it WILL fact-check li’l ol’ me.

Farron Cousins has a bombshell for us, one that should make everyone furious. And it certainly bugs ME:

…because I’m just a common nobody, with no influence to speak of, much less power to spread false news to detrimental effect. And look what Facebook has done to me:

So what’s behind that restriction (which I’m currently spending 90 days in Facebook Jail for)? Glad you asked:

This is one of the items. A joke, which I even acknowledged was a joke, but Facebook’s “independent fact checkers” still saw fit to punish me for.

My other “offenses” are all in this same vein. There are five in all. None are serious, and none are meant to be. They’ve done no harm to anyone or anything.

I have no followers and fewer than 500 Facebook friends (some of whom are deceased!), so it’s hard to imagine why this is even a problem. But somehow, though I’m an honest person who just loves a good joke against the political right, I’ve pulled a 90-day shadow ban for them.

And the worst part is, I have no recourse. None. Whatsoever.

Meanwhile, right-wingers — even outright NAZIS — are being allowed to lie unchecked. Why? Because their bullshit counts as “political speech”.

I really don’t want to leave another social media platform, but this nonsense is really out of hand now. Facebook fucked up, and it deserves to be BROKEN up. Partly to save us from another fucking Drumpf presidency, but mainly just because shit like this really is an insult to the intelligence of anyone with a working social conscience.

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