Heroes for Today: Sha’Kyra Aughtry of Buffalo

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve had an installment in this series, but this came across my YouTube feed right now, and I just had to share:

The Christmas blizzards have been no joke on either side of the Great Lakes this year. Buffalo, NY, was particularly hard-hit, with as much as two metres of lake-effect snow falling at once a couple of weeks ago, and then a violent two-day blizzard coming on later, which killed over three dozen people. Joey White was caught in that latter storm, alone and terrified, when Sha’Kyra found him. She took him into her house and looked after him until help could arrive and get him to hospital. And in the meantime, she mobilized help on a Facebook live stream, letting the community know that there was a man in need of medical care at her home.

Here she is, along with Joey’s sister Yvonne, on CNN, talking about the rescue after the fact:

Sha’Kyra, please enjoy the rest of your winter holidays. You’re a true hero, and you deserve the best.

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