J.K. Rowling has some “fine”* friends…

…who apparently have no qualms about exposing their shortcomings to kids in an effort to, uh, “protect women and girls”:

Thankfully, this “radical feminist”* weirdo’s “stand”* was all for naught. The trans equality bill she was trying to stop, officially called the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, passed in Scotland’s parliament five days ago, and barring the Royal Assent, it’s as good as law.

And if Westminster tries to pull any FART Island shenanigans, it could pave the way for Scotland’s exit from the United Kingdom, which has been bruited about for centuries already (and much more loudly since Brexit, which Scotland largely opposed).

BTW, if you think this is just a one-off for J.K.’s “feminist”* friends, you couldn’t be more wrong. They’re ALL fucking bonkers. Shaun, a British YouTuber who’s been following the situation a lot more closely than anyone should have to, has the whole story:

With “friends”* like these, feminism doesn’t need any enemies.

*As always: Note the quotes — there for a reason.

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