The UK is a transphobic hellhole

Transgender YouTuber Keffals exposes the slippery, skeevy horrors currently plaguing trans people who have the misfortune to be living and struggling in the UK, particularly post-Brexit:

Of course, “Gender Exploratory Therapy” is nothing of the sort. It’s the old anti-gay “conversion therapy” in a new guise, which ultimately converts no one and is not therapeutic in the least. Gender isn’t “explored”, its proper expression in an individual is merely suppressed, in a run-down-the-clock manner, until a trans teenager is effectively discouraged from medically transitioning before reaching full adulthood (and going through wrong-sex puberty in the process, which, as any trans person can tell you, was the worst possible way for them to grow up).

In the meantime, their desire for a different gender expression is deemed to be the result of literally anything other than transgenderism. Usually, “trauma” is blamed. Which, as Keffals points out, is absurd because many, if not all, people suffer from psychological trauma in some way or other while growing up. And in the case of trans people, much of the trauma is the direct result of society’s refusal to accept trans people as who they say they are. As one of Keffals’ commenters puts it: “NHS: traumatizes trans people. Also NHS: see you’re not trans! You’re a victim of trauma!”

Speaking of trauma in the UK, it’s not just the NHS inflicting it on trans people. Ordinary people in everyday settings are doing it all the time. Take, for instance, this one woman, whose name is, appropriately enough, Karen:

A woman who grabbed a transgender man’s genitals after demanding to know what sex he was has been convicted of sexual assault.

Karen Waldron, 53, touched the man in a bar in Cheltenham in February while he was on the dancefloor with a friend.

She denied wrongdoing, claiming she was just looking out for a friend who had “taken a shine” to the man.

But Waldron, of Matson Avenue, Gloucester, was found guilty by magistrates in Cirencester.

The defendant was ordered to pay her victim, aged in his 20s, £300 in compensation.

She had approached him in Yates bar and asked him “are you male or female?”, Cirencester Magistrates’ Court heard.

Prosecutor Graham Dono said that when the victim explained he was a male “Waldron responded by saying ‘Are you sure?’, to which the male replied ‘It’s none of your business’.

“Waldron then placed her hand between his legs, grabbed his genitals and squeezed, no doubt to try to establish that he was a male.

“He responded by asking the woman what was she doing and told her that it was not appropriate.”

Waldron replied “I don’t care”, the court was told.

Nice, eh? This literal Karen sexually assaulted a trans man in public, and didn’t care that what she did was grossly inappropriate. She excused it as “looking out for a friend” who had taken a liking to the guy. Why that friend couldn’t just “look out” for herself, I don’t know. Apparently British women are such fragile flowers of femininity that the mere presence of a trans man could wilt them if their friends don’t get a grope in and just make his whole night miserable. I’d say a public pants check certainly qualifies as traumatizing, wouldn’t you?

Anyhow. Then there’s something even more odious, namely the “charitable” efforts of one Joanna Kathleen Rowling. Who, in all her so-called radical feminism, decided to earmark a hefty donation for a rape crisis centre:

JK Rowling has launched a new women-only support service for victims of sexual violence.

The author says Beira’s Place will provide free support and advocacy for women in Edinburgh who have experienced abuse at any time in their lives.

She said the service would meet an “unmet need” in response to demands from female survivors of abuse.

Ms Rowling said it was important that survivors had the option of women-centred and women-delivered care.

Sounds innocent enough, until you realize that their definition of “women” doesn’t include trans women. And worse still, UK law allows this kind of discrimination, in a characteristically squishy, weaselly way:

Under the U.K.’s Equality Act 2010, transgender people are protected from discrimination. However, services may exclude trans people from single-sex spaces if this exclusion is a “proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim.”

“Beira’s Place is a women-only service,” the facility said. “Section 212 of the Equality Act 2010 defines a woman as a ‘female of any age’ and Beira’s Place services are for women aged 16 and over. The service is offered in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, which permits the provision of single sex services and a single sex staffing policy in various situations where there’s a good reason for them.”

“Many women subjected to men’s violence feel safer and fare better in women-only spaces, and wish to have support sessions with females only, and we exist to meet that need. We believe that women deserve to have certainty that, in using our services, they will not encounter anyone who is male,” Beira’s Place continued. “Where appropriate, we will refer we will refer men or individuals identifying as trans women to other appropriate services in the area, of which there are several.”

“Individuals identifying as trans women” is an expression often used to cast doubt on trans women’s identities.

Of course, they don’t say exactly how they plan to determine if someone is “biologically female enough” to be worthy of care at this centre. Will rape victims be re-traumatized with a demeaning pants check of their own? Or will they just face a lengthy interrogation on their gender, which is traumatic enough in its own right?

It seems that it will be only a matter of time before someone’s civil rights will be violated — or rather, violated in some whole new idiotic way. But don’t look for any apologies or responsibility taken for THAT.

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