George Santos attempting to deny yet ANOTHER identity…

…and THIS one, it turns out, really can’t be denied:

While the drag-queen denial is hilarious, and points up the entire Repugnican party’s hypocrisy when it comes to which LGBT+ folks are “groomers” and which ones are somehow NOT, the other denial here — the one that really matters — is the one where he pretends he wasn’t “Anthony Devolder”. You know, the guy who scammed a disabled, homeless veteran whose beloved service dog eventually died of an abdominal cancer that could have been treated if the money he raised had actually gone somewhere other than his own pocket. THAT denial is simply despicable. And cruel.

And proof, in case anyone still needed it, that the Repug party — and not the drag community — is rife with conscienceless, grifting sociopaths who have no problem preying on the helpless and the vulnerable.

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