Grifter caught on video grifting other grifters

How many lies has George Santos told? And is George Santos even his real name? Farron Cousins has unearthed some old video, and it’s equal parts revealing and, well, NOT:

Wow, does that ever take me back. How many moons has it been since “#WalkAway” was even a thing? For that matter: Was it ever a thing? Did they ever convert anybody who wasn’t already a fellow fascist grifter? How much were these astroturfers all paid for that shrivelled remnant of their souls? And why did Brandon Straka get off so lightly for his part in the January 6 terrorist assault on the US Capitol?

So many questions, and I’m not holding my breath for answers.

Oddly, though, this video might lend some credence (however little) to Santos’s disputed claim to being gay, since this was at a “Walk Away LGBT” event. Which no doubt explains the presence of another well-known liar and self-disrespecter, Blaire White, on the panel. (She’s the one who’s constantly fiddling with her very unconvincing wig.)

On the other hand, since George/Anthony/whoever-he-is can’t even seem to keep his own name straight (pun intended), who really knows? And as Farron says, without a long-form birth certificate — from Brazil! — confirming his exact identity, can we ever be sure of anything he says? Even by the lax standards of politicians in general, and the infinitesimal standards of the US far right in particular, he’s egregious.

At this rate, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the man claimed to be a long-lost descendant of the house of Münchhausen. Hey, why not? He’s lied about pretty much everything else in his past.

But there is some hope that his lies will finally catch up with him enough to make his career as an elected official a short one, because it appears that he has also broken campaign finance laws. Ironically, in the arch-capitalist world of US politics, it’s quite legal to lie about your name, your résumé, and your personal life, and quite illegal to lie about how you got your money. Especially if, as looks to be the case, a good chunk of it came from Russian oligarchs. That little detail could render Spurious George’s election null and void.

Just like his whole identity already is.

PS: Oh God, it’s even worse. Not only did he lie about his name, but he USED THAT FAKE NAME TO ROB A DISABLED VETERAN:

There really is no bottom to this man’s barrel, is there?

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