Steven Crowder’s dirty little $ecret$, revealed

Hooboy! Strap yourselves in for this one, folks, because it’s a ride. David Doel has the dirty deets, and they weren’t done dirt cheap:

And the best part is, it was all exposed by Crowdy’s fellow right-wing crapagandroids. And by his own big, dumb, greedy self. Who blabbed, incidentally, that YouTube had demonetized him for his hateful content! Which puts the lie to the whole notion of him being just a little ol’ independent creator who got big on his own virtues and merits, since he’s been heavily subsidized by “Big Con”, and they in turn made him a multimillionaire. For talking hate and other dumb shit. And that’s how he became so spoiled.

And now, all that illusory success is about to get flushed down the toilet because Crowdy got too greedy even for the greedheads themselves. You love to see it.

A commenter on the video above pointed out that they hadn’t seen Crowdy look this scared since Sam Seder’s face cropped up on a Zoom call, facilitated by Ethan Klein. BTW, here’s Sam himself, along with Emma Vigeland, discussing this before the big reveal on the Daily Wire’s part:

You also love to see Sam clowning on Cold Feet Crowder all over again.

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