Steven Crowder’s divorce is even uglier than we knew

Oh. My. GAWD. You need to see this. ALL of it.

Not only is Crowdy getting ditched by his bragged-of bride of (not quite) ten years, he also scheduled an elective surgery to fix his sunken chest on rather funnily short notice, instead of doing what a normal, caring husband and father would do, namely waiting until after their twins were born. And if that’s not ugly enough, there’s the fight they had when she was 8 months pregnant with said twins. Maybe that fight was part of the reason he scheduled the surgery for the time he did? Anyhow, he also monetized said surgery like a total fucking greedhead, and shat on the Canadian healthcare system too, for his Club of Mugs.

Notice I didn’t say “Mug Club”, which implies that he runs a harmless, cutesy club for people who own his brand of coffee cups. No, he and all his followers are all MUGS, as in this dictionary definition right here:

That’s right, he’s a punk and a thug, and his followers are all of that, plus fools and blockheads. MUGS.

And no, you will never change my mind.

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