Donnie’s grossness knows no bounds.

Think Donnie’s not capable of committing sexual assault? I can assure you that he is, and he’s also capable of degrading his victims in the ugliest manner. Which is, incidentally, just what’s at issue in the E. Jean Carroll civil rape trial. And which brings us to…this video. What you’re about to see is so breathtakingly gross, you’ll want to grab a barf bag before you click Play:

You can’t say you weren’t warned, eh? Not only does he double down on his statements made in 2005 to giggling idiot Billy Bush (of the Bush Crime Family, of course) on Access Hollywood, he even says the most nauseating things to Ms. Carroll’s lawyer, who is confronting him about it on a videotaped deposition in advance of the Carroll trial. Things like “Historically, that’s true with stars” (when asked about “grab them by the pussy”). And “You wouldn’t be a choice of mine either, to be honest”, when no one fucking asked.

The sheer arrogance and conceit of him, thinking that women WANT to be picked by him. ANY women. He sits there with that stinky orange paint on his saggy old face, and he has the nerve to say THAT. To a lawyer. And not just any lawyer, but the lawyer representing his alleged victim. He really thinks he can say THAT, and still expect to win this case, when in fact he’s making Jean Carroll’s case for her? It takes some kind of nerve to do that.

It also takes a hell of a nerve for him to consider himself a “star”, when nobody outside of his own little circle of numbskulls has ever seen him as such.

But really, above all else, he has the gall and the audacity to think that just because his name has made headlines, he’s allowed and entitled to grab women at random, without even asking first? And to think that he’s NOT a rapist, when that kind of behavior is by definition what sexual assailants do? That being famous somehow justifies it and makes it okay?

I’ll bet he thought Stormy Daniels liked him, too.

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