London Police wrongfully arrested Keffals. Now, she’s fighting back.

Remember when the London (Ontario) Police’s SWAT team swooped down on Clara Sorrenti, AKA Keffals, on the basis of a fake gun threat last year? And how they arrested her and mistreated her while she was in custody?

Well, she certainly hasn’t forgotten. The whole mess gave her a bad case of PTSD. It left her traumatized and terrorized. It overturned her whole life. And she’s taking action against it now, in the form of a human rights complaint. Here she is, reading out the details of it:

Here’s hoping Keffals has as much success at changing the way police treat bogus threats (and LGBT+ people) as she did at bringing the infamous Kiwifarms website to its knees. In fact, here’s hoping she has even more success at it. Because neither organized cyberterror nor swatting should be happening ever again.

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