Who is funding this “university”?

Hey! Remember Bari Weiss’s vanity “university” (note quotes, there for a reason)? Surprisingly, it’s not dead yet. But maybe it will soon die of shame. The Majority Report crew has made a stunning finding, which may not surprise you so much when you see what its intellectual offerings are…and who’s behind it all:

Yup, good ol’ Clarence Thomas’s creepily close, Nazi-memorabilia-collecting, totally-not-a-Nazi (wink, wink) buddy is apparently financially tied to it in some way.

The man’s not content to merely buy — oh sorry, befriend — notoriously compliant right-wing SCOTUS judges. Or even mealy-mouthed right-wing US senators. He’s apparently also underwriting whatever the hell passes for intellectuals on the “forbidden knowledge” right. You know, that bunch that’s against “cancel culture”, while hell-bent on actually canceling anyone and anything that doesn’t toe the sexist, racist, phobic, pro-capitalist line?

On second thought, maybe this unaccredited institution of not-so-high learning won’t die of shame for a long while yet. Because clearly, totally-not-fascist billionaire money can buy just about anything. Including, it seems, the consciences of so-called intellectuals.

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