Neo-Nazi terror group caught selling fake hormones as part of anti-trans psy-op

I first caught wind of this icky plot a couple of days ago, when Vaush posted this video:

Minus the YouTube-necessitated censorship, the title reads: “Don’t buy the e-pills from Twitter! They will kill you and Nazis made them!”

Someone tried to kill (and/or humiliate) trans women and girls by offering fake estrogen pills for sale on Twitter. The pills in question allegedly contained an unsafe dose of ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic herb that is supposed to act in much the same ways as ginseng: as an adaptogen, immune-system supporter, and in men, as a fertility and virility booster. Some unscrupulous supplement manufacturers even tout it as “Indian ginseng”, or as actual ginseng, which it is not.

Apparently, the male fertility/virility aspect is the one the Twitter Nazis seized upon. They claimed it would actually induce male-pattern baldness and other testosterone-related woes in any transfem unwary enough to buy it in hopes of getting a working substitute for the gender-affirming hormonal therapy that several US states have attempted to ban.

But there is no evidence that ashwagandha will actually create or exacerbate “masculine” traits in a user at any dose. Here is a list of its actual side effects. You’ll note that elevated testosterone is not among them. In other words: They will not make a transfem “more masculine”, which is something she’d undoubtedly want to avoid, as it would aggravate any existing gender dysphoria she may have.

What too much ashwagandha would do, however, is make an unwary user pretty damn sick to the stomach, possibly induce peptic ulcers, dangerously lower the blood pressure, and even do liver damage. Any of these could indeed prove fatal.

So who’s behind this dirty (and possibly deadly) trick? Well, we already know it’s Nazis, who have had it in for LGBT+ people ever since Ernst Röhm met a horrific end on the Night of the Long Knives. But who exactly was running the show?

This fucking guy.

His name is Kevin Lowy, and this was not his first rodeo — and not the first in which he ended up wearing the clown shoes, either. In 2021, he and his neo-fascist “Patriot Front” confederates got exposed and humiliated thusly:

He’s the first guy shown, in case you wonder.

How embarrassing that he looks exactly like the kind of pudding-fed, out-of-shape “soy boy” he and his buddies are supposedly trying to beat back into the closet, eh?

Oh, and in case you’re still in the dark ages: soybeans don’t “feminize” you any more than ashwagandha “masculinizes” you. Turns out that unrefined plants — including the humble soybean, which has fed the very large population of China for centuries — aren’t that good at influencing the sex hormones in general. Oopsie poopsie!

Unable and/or unwilling to learn from his past mistakes, Kevin is still at it. And attempting to profit from it, too, by joining an existing anti-LGBT+ campaign which has been bumble-fucking along for the past three or so years. Yeah, Operation Pridefall is apparently still a thing. 4chan wankers tried it (and failed) in the summer of 2020, and apparently this fake-estrogen-that’s-really-(not)-testosterone is just its latest toxic iteration.

Thankfully, nobody bought any of this potentially dangerous bullshit. But now, Kevin’s on the run again, and his toxic product is no longer up for sale.

Here’s hoping his day in court — whenever it comes — will be as hilarious as his 2021 run-in with the cops was.

And if you’re looking for actual transgender healthcare, here’s a list of helpful resources that actually work.

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