Yet another public homophobe gets busted for most predictable reason ever

Hey! Remember Ethan Schmidt, that “Christian” guy (note quotes, there for a reason) who harasses chemo patients in wig shops and retail employees over Pride flags and merchandise, and tries to monetize it by posting his stupidities to the internets? This fucking guy?

Yeah, that fucking guy.

Well, about him…he’s been popped. And it turns out he’s been on Grindr a lot longer than he’s been a public ‘phobe:

Warning: VERY unsafe for work, and inappropriate for kids.

Surprisingly (and credit where due, I guess), Ethan isn’t an AIDS bug chaser. This is kind of at odds with his COVIDiocy and anti-mask antics, but whatever. AIDS is still a killer disease without a readily available cure, although drug cocktails exist that can control it and give the taker years, or even decades, of life with HIV and without AIDS. Safe sex, gay or otherwise, is very acceptable, as long as you’re not a hypocrite about that. Or, um, masks against COVID.

Ethan, on the other hand, is very much a hypocrite about those issues, so fuck him. Or better still, maybe don’t. Who wants to brag that they’ve shagged a Nazi who bunny-punches Pride signs in Target?

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