Donnie’s tiny hands have blood on them (literally and figuratively)

Hey, hi, hello, and Happy New Year!

Take a good look at this, and tell me if you see what I see:

Aside from the creepy contrast between his pale palms and his orange face, Donnie Drumpf’s little baby hands have some angry red lesions on them. What could those mysterious bloody-red spots be?

James Carville asked around among some doctors he knows, and says they unanimously regard those lesions as a sign of secondary syphilis:

And yes, those do indeed look like gummas to my eyes, as well.

So, if Mr. Carville and the unnamed MDs he mentions are right, and ol’ Donnie has syphilis, it says a number of frankly awful things about him:

1. He doesn’t even have the basic courtesy to use condoms, despite all his talk of how trying to avoid STDs was as hard as going to war in Vietnam;
2. He doesn’t see his primary-care physician nearly as much as a man of his age and (obviously not good) condition should;
3. When he does see a doctor (whenever THAT may be), the doctor is not allowed to diagnose, let alone actually treat him, for any illnesses he may have (and be carrying, and spreading to God only knows who all else) — because Donnie, in his senile dictatorial vanity, won’t hear of it.

Given the widely affirmed fact that his hygiene and diet are terrible, as is his body odor, it seems entirely plausible that Donnie probably does have untreated secondary syphilis. Is it really shocking that a man who literally smells like ass would not only neglect to wipe and wash himself, but also neglect to seek treatment for a very curable bacterial infection?

If what I suspect proves true, and that his brain is deteriorating due to syphilitic paresis (the same illness that ended up killing Al Capone), then it explains a number of things, from Donnie’s grandiose and nonsensical daily rants, to the fact that Melania renegotiated her pre-nup and is seen with him as little as possible. Heck, it even explains why she’s so reluctant to hold his hand.

And why wouldn’t she be, considering where that hand has most likely been?

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