Conspiracy wanks take advantage of an accident…

…or, it’s a day ending in -day, and the most gormless buffoons in the US of Amnesia are just at it again, as usual:

Yeah, that’s right. Not even 24 hours after the container ship Dali hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, MD, a bunch of quacking morons decided to make wank-bank off it by insisting it was a terrorist conspiracy somehow caused by “DEI”. When, in fact, it was most likely due to mechanical and/or electrical failure on board the vessel, as you can clearly see here:

When you see the lights go dark on the ship, that right there is a terrible sign. The loss of electrical power means not only problems with visibility in the dead of night, but also that the ship lost power to its forward thrusters, which would have helped to keep it centered and on course in its channel, i.e. not hit the bridge. The black smoke from the funnel is also a bad sign; it speaks of engine failure, possibly even a fire on board.

Conspicuously absent, however, are any signs of a bomb going off. Or anything else that smacks of terrorism.

What DID happen, however, was a mayday call which resulted in police diverting traffic away from the bridge, to minimize the number of cars that might fall into the water, and consequently, the number of lives lost. Not the sort of thing you’d expect in a terrorist incident, where the objective is to cause as much harm — and fear — as possible. And certainly nothing to do with any kind of “DEI” hiring practices, which the right is currently squawking its collective guts out over…at least until the next shiny bit of nonsense comes along.

But then again, I’d never expect any of those bozos to traffic in anything remotely resembling an inconvenient fact.

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