LET THEM FIGHT: Basement pisser sues Malaysian fascist and bogus news outlet for libel

Hey y’all, you might want to start buying stock in Orville Redenbacher again. Why? Oh, no particular reason…

…okay, maybe ONE good reason:

Yeah, that’s right, bitchez. This is happening. Not just two, but THREE of the worst entities in right-wing “media” are gonna be duking it out to see who gets to be king of the neofascist dunghill.

At the apex of this Bermuda Triangle of fashy awfulness, we have a guy named Jeremy Hambly, who runs a YouTube channel called The Quartering, where he drones on ad nauseam about videogames, women who don’t even know he exists, and other assorted hateful shit, when he’s not busy drunkenly petitioning Elon Musk over Freeze Peach, and running in terror of an actual journalist doing actual journalism. (That would be Lance, above, who has him dead to rights for suggesting on his now-deleted tech tip channel that anyone with child sex-abuse materials on their computer should scrub them from their hard drives before taking that machine to the shop, because the techies can and will look.)

Oh, and also, Jeremy is on record for drunkenly pissing in his basement when he lost a round and his wife was out getting pizza without him. Yes, really.

You may want to listen to that with headphones on to get the full tinkle.

Anyhow, this silly jizz-sock from the moldy side of YouTube is going up against a Malaysian fascist Twitter reply guy who recently found out that the whole world collectively hates his guts, and even the most ardent death-penalty opponents would most likely celebrate if the notoriously repressive government of Malaysia actually executed him for…some minor offence or other. Personally, I was only sad to find out that they hadn’t, YET. (Maybe they will? We can always hope.)

And also, Jeremy’s mad at Ezra Levant’s crapaganda outlet, because reasons.

So, while we wait for the fallout to finish falling out, help yourself to some popcorn. And savor that melted butter on your fingers, because it won’t be half as delicious as the irony.

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