Fascist coup attempt foiled in Bolivia

Al Jazeera has some good analysis and backgrounder on today’s failed coup attempt in Bolivia. Apparently a renegade general with a bad reputation even within the armed forces has tried and failed to seize power over the (admittedly weak) democratically elected government of Luis Arce. And that general, in turn, has ties to the Santa Cruz far right, who have repeatedly tried (and failed) to oust Evo Morales in the past. Seems that oligarchs don’t give up as long as there’s money to be made, and money to be paid (in this case, to the corrupto who was only too happy to be bought, seeing as he didn’t get what he wanted from the presidente.)

Now, are these the same religious fascists who made that creepy little finger-cross sign when they swore in their fake government the last time they lashed out against Evo? Or are they some new cult? Is Elon Musk behind this coup too, or is it another home-grown bum that we’ve probably seen here before? And are the CIA and/or Mossad also somehow involved?

Questions, questions. I’ll be ferreting around for answers. Stay tuned…

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