Former Israeli security chief says the unthinkable

You think you’ve heard everything, and then something comes and smacks you upside the head with the fact that you ain’t heard NOTHIN’ yet. Sam and Emma have an incredible clip for us:

“We shall not have security as long as we shall not end the occupation…and we shall not have democracy as long as we shall not end the occupation.”

Translation: No justice, no peace in the Middle East.

What Israel’s doing to Palestine is a gross injustice that strips away all entitlement for them to call themselves “the only democracy in the Middle East” (which was always a bald-face lie anyway) and their armed forces, “the most moral army in the world” (which they never were and should never have harbored the illusion of being — just ask the survivors of the USS Liberty attack if you don’t believe me!)

Cue the outraged right-wing media shitgibbons and hasbaratchiks of AIPAC, howling for Ami Ayalon’s blood. Clearly the man is in the pay of Hamas.

Oh wait, he’s NOT? He’s the former head of the dreaded Shin Bet, Israel’s equivalent of the FBI? He used to work for Bibi Netanyahu himself? He’s the guy who understands, possibly better than anyone in the whole country, what a security risk it is for them to go on oppressing and trying to wipe out Palestinians?

Well. THAT’s embarrassing.

But not nearly as embarrassing as it’s going to be if Bibi keeps trying to pretend that the proposed ceasefire was his idea, when anyone with a working eye can see that it’s not. Or if he goes on trying to pretend that he actually wants peace, when what he really wants is to turn Gaza from the world’s largest open-air concentration camp to the world’s priciest beachfront real estate.

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