Russia imports North America’s worst people…or tries to

Is Czar Vladimir the Terrible getting desperate for warm bodies to boost his failing, fascist-imperialist war on Ukraine? It would appear so. He’s actively trying to recruit some of the worst people in the US:

Yeah. He tried to bring in Scott Ritter. SCOTT FUCKING RITTER, the convicted sex offender, who tried to solicit sex from what he thought was an under-age girl. Never mind that the real thing would never talk to a guy his age (source: was once a teenage girl myself, and any guy outside of high school was ancient to us). Nope, he really thought he was going to score a 15-year-old! And that it totally wasn’t a police decoy chatting him up.

And just think, this is what passes (wayyyyy too often) for “intelligence” in the US. The military-spook-industrial complex is rife with these kinds of guys.

But just in case you thought this was an isolated incident, or that Russia was only trying to capture a former US agent to pump him for whatever info they thought they could get this late in the game, or score propaganda points by painting themselves as the world’s one true bastion of freedom, or whatever cockamamie shit Pooty-poot thinks will fly…remember these fuckleheads from my home and native land?

The Feenstra family, led by Arend and Anneesa, relocated to the country seeking refuge under its stringent anti-LGBTQ laws, but the reality of life in Russia has proven to be a stark disappointment.

The family’s disillusionment began when their bank accounts were suddenly frozen upon their arrival, the funds from the sale of their Canadian farm deemed “suspicious” by the Russian banking system. This move left them stranded without resources in a nation where they found themselves linguistically isolated, unable to speak Russian or find English-speaking assistance. Anneesa Feenstra’s subsequent outburst in a YouTube video expressed her exasperation: “I’m ready to jump on a plane and get out of here. We’ve hit the first snag where you have to engage logic in this country, and it’s very, very frustrating.”

Despite the initial setback and the stark cultural and language barriers, the family has since stated that their funds have been unfrozen and they intend to remain in Russia “for the long haul.” Arend Feenstra had earlier expressed in a press conference the motivations behind their move, citing “a lot of left-wing ideology, LGBTQ, trans, just a lot of things that we don’t agree with they teach there now” as the impetus for seeking a new life in a country he believed would protect his family from such influences.

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

I figured something was up when Russia was promising “freedom villages” (or some such BS) to far-right foreigners looking to escape the oppressive LGBT-friendly policies of the west. Now I know: They’re actively looking for real, live GROOMERS. The kind who are so hellbent on having things their own way that real, live kids — either their own, or those of the “western dissidents” they’re trying to woo — will ultimately suffer for it.

I’m really hoping the Mad Czar meets a Ceausescu-style demise, but I’m not holding my breath.

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