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El Ecuadorable takes possession, again

Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, was inaugurated for the second time with an indigenous ceremony. El Ec received a red poncho symbolizing the Earth Mother, Pachamama, and a staff of office from indigenous spiritual leaders, who prayed that his second term … Continue reading

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It’s official…

Another Latin American country has just gone left. El Salvador has elected its first FMLN president.Congratulations, Mauricio Funes. UPDATE: Videos (in Spanish) below. Walter Araújo, president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of El Salvador, makes his remarks on the occasion. … Continue reading

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Guatemala, WTF???–Part 2

More interesting shake-out from Guatemalan prez Alvaro Colom’s visit to Cuba: President Alvaro Colom of Guatemala has apologised to Cuba for his country’s role in the failed US-backed invasion at the Bay of Pigs in 1961.The CIA used Guatemalan territory … Continue reading

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Guatemala, WTF???

Jeebus, what is it with all these LatAm leaders visiting Cuba lately? First it’s the president of Chile, now Guatemala? What are you all, commies or sumpin’? Guatemala’s President Alvaro Colom is to start Monday his official visit to Cuba … Continue reading

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Guatemala says “hola!” to Chavecito

Things are getting mighty interesting in Latin America. Guatemala just elected a new president, and it looks like he might just become another amigo for Chavecito. Maybe not a prospective signatory to the ALBA–yet. But at least, one for another … Continue reading

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