About Me

I’m a restless, fitful Canadian writer/poet with too many irons in the fire. I’m an ex-conservative turned mixed-economy socialist, feminist, pacifist and environmentalist. On the Political Compass, I sit at latitude -7.59, longitude -9.50. I’m an intellectual, and a Wiccan who also identifies with Jesus. Those things are not mistakes; I came to them the hard way, and I have found them not to be comfortable hidey-holes away from reality (for nothing is so uncomfortable as being unfashionably leftist in a world that’s taken a hard-to-starboard tack), but, in the words of the immortal Psychedelic Furs, “a door at the end of a dead-end street”. This door led me to a more constructive place, and now I’m leaving it open for you to peer through and, when ready, join me. I’m very concerned about the condition about the world today, particularly the big chunk of it due south of me, because so many of my friends live there. Much of this blog will reflect that preoccupation. I credit the power of words with my good mental health today, and with ending the cognitive dissonance that plagued me to the point of depression when I was still a conservative. Arthur Miller will never know it, but he helped save my life. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to the memory of him, with deepest admiration and thanks. I urge you to read his works and take them to heart.

As for my own words: Thank you for reading. Stay restless.

–Sabina C. Becker

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